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Construction is complete - lunch boundaries will now change

by Ann Gilmore | May 06, 2016

Construction of the new Entranceway and Foyer are now complete!  

This means that we can go back to eating in assigned areas.  This saves the custodians a great deal of time with regards to cleaning up the halls and it brings us back together over the lunch period.  

Be sure to scroll down and take a peak at the pictures, old and new below.  

Here are the areas that students are now allowed to eat lunch:
  • Cafeteria
  • Halls outside of the cafeteria
  • Foyer by new side entrance
  • Halls by the library down into the Phys-Ed Area
  • Library
Here are the areas that can no longer be used to sit and eat lunch.  
  • Geography/History Hall
  • Tech hall
  • Math Hall
  • Science Hall
  • English Hall
  • Cosmetology Hall

Students who are visiting teachers for extra help during lunch or have club/council meetings to attend will be able to access these areas - but unless a student has a purpose, these halls will remain out of bounds until 11:50.  Period 3 classes begin at 12:05 - so this gives students 15 minutes to return to their lockers and prepare materials for their afternoon classes.

This is our new foyer.  Two tables have been provided with USB ports and plugs for students to work during their spares.  Please also note that there are a bank of computers available in the cafeteria. 

Foyer May 2016

This is what it used to look like!

___photo 1

And here is our new Entranceway attached to the foyer.

Entance 2016 May

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