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Stamford Collegiate Partners with the Niagara Falls Public Library

by Ann Gilmore | Oct 11, 2016

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As part of our 2016 Literacy Plan, Stamford, in partnership with the Niagara Falls Public Library, has made a commitment to provide every student with a Library Card and access to ebooks.  

To learn how to run a marathon – a person has to practice running every day.  The same logic applies to becoming a better reader.   We’ve adopted the belief that we can improve students reading by increasing the opportunities to read.  A library card, and the downloading of the free overdrive.com app on any electronic device, will provide students with thousands of free ebooks that automatically return to the library when due.  There would be no more worries about losing a book or getting charged with late fees.  

Ebooks is the way to go and we want to make it easy to get students registered.  To make it even easier, the Niagara Falls Public Library has committed to wiping the slate clean.  If a Stamford student has any charges on a current library card, the library will wipe away those charges and give the student a fresh start.   

Our plan begins with the grade nines through their homerooms. Phase two targets students in grades 10-12 English classrooms.

Starting tomorrow at Parent/Teacher interviews, grade 9 homeroom teachers will distribute and collect the following permission forms - click here

Next steps include:

  • Sending the signed permission forms to the library so that cards can be created and then issued to students at Stamford
  • Inviting library officials into Stamford so that they can provide workshops to all grade 9 students about how to download free electronic books (ebooks)
  • Encouraging students to use ebooks in classes and/or during “Stop-Drop-and-Read” Fridays

If your student has misplaced the permission form, please do not hesitate to click the link that was provided above, print and sign the form, then send it to the main office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Principal Ann Gilmore at 905-354-7409, ext. 65401.

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