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How It All Began...


In 1856, Stamford Township purchased the old Leonard House at a cost of 525 pounds. The following year, the Drummond Grammar School opened. (Stamford Collegiate) For the next 15 years, the school boasted one teacher who handled the entire curriculum. Education was not free in those days; students fees made up half the salary of the teacher.

In 1871, the school became Drummondville High School. In 1872, the province mandated that each high school must have at least 2 teachers. Teachers were paid $600 per year at that time.

In 1882, the village of Drummondville became Niagara Falls South. The name of the school was changed to Niagara Falls South High School. In 1893, the first addition in the school’s 36 year history was completed. In 1907, yet another name change took place, when it became Stamford High School. Two years later, a commercial program was started to prepare students for careers in the business community. In 1908, Mr. A. N. Myer became principal for the first of 25 years. (Eventually, the new high school in the north end of the city was named after Mr. Myer).

Further additions were made in 1922 and 1929. In 1930, another name change took placewhen the school was named Stamford Collegiate Institute. In the 1940's, the school added industrial arts to the school program and the school became known as Stamford Collegiate Vocational Institute. This name was short-lived and in the 1950's the name reverted toStamford Collegiate Institute.

A major building program in 1962 saw the old brick building torn down in favour of the present Stamford structure. With the opening of the new school, its name once again became Stamford Collegiate Vocational Institute. A further addition was made in 1965. The Leonard House, the original school since 1857, was demolished. In 1973, a new, larger library was built. A physics lab, guidance centre and sewing room were also added.  At the time of the 150th anniversary, Stamford Alumni supported the creation of the Fitness Centre which continues to provide students and staff with an opportunity to use outstanding fitness equipment daily.  In 2012, the science labs were rebuilt and installed with the latest in educational technology.  In addition, a new foods classroom was built to support our students.  In addition, numerous classes were retrofited with new technology to support student learning.

There have been many changes to Stamford Collegiate over the years, but the tradition of excellence for which it has been known remains unchanged. 

“E Luce Scientiae Potestas” — “Through the Light of Knowledge Comes Power”