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Each year, Stamford's athletes are honored at the end of the year. Stamford is proud of our student athletes and the high levels they achieve both on and off the field of play. 

Cross Country

Coll Campbell


Quinn Ballinger & Nathan Jahns

Junior Football

Nathan Surla

Football Senior Offensive

Football Senior Defensive

Darcy MacIsaac 

Josh Bigelow

Football Gamma-Sigma

Chase Bowden

Boys Varsity Volleyball

Ethan Wilding

Junior Girls Basketball

Shelby Brauch

Senior Girls Basketball

 Lyssa Stewart

 Danni Hill
Junior Boys

 Emilio Wilson
Senior Boys Basketball

 Neil Maharaj
Junior Girls Volleyball

Megan Hill-Doxtater
Julia Chopp 
Senior Girls Volleyball

Maria Wilson

Avery Shannon
Badminton - Senior

Sarah Jordan
Girls Varsity Soccer

Emma Lagace 
Boys Varsity Soccer

Neil Maharaj

Ethan Widing 
Girls Lob-Ball Julia Chopp &
Breanna Gotsch 
Track & Field

Nathan Surla
SSTC Athlete of the Year

Brandon Vu
Rookie Male Athlete
Abdul Ahmed 
Rookie Female Athlete 

Julia Chopp 
Junior Male Athlete   Terrel Wichert Prince & Nathan Surla
Junior Female Athlete

Megan Hill-Doxtator
Hornet Helper

Kalia Zytaruk
Fair Play Fowler

Jessica Doxtator 
Senior Male Athlete 

Darcy MacIsaac 
Senior Female Athlete Tiana Fulton &
Abby Juhlke