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Stamford Collegiate Clubs include:

  • Anime Club (Mr. Rysdale)
  • Ceramics Club (Ms. Turcotte)
  • Chess Club (Mr. DiGaetano)
  • Choir (Ms. Enns)
  • Concert Band (Ms. Enns)
  • Cosmetology Club (Ms. DiGaetano)
  • Dance Team (Ms. Menotti)
  • Drama Club (Ms. Menotti & Mr. McTavish)
  • Eco Freaks (Mrs. McBurney and Mr. Serbina)
  • Green Hornets (Mr. Tenhoeve)
  • GSA 
  • Mock Trial Team (Mrs. Fongsamouth)
  • Native Studies (Mr. Howe)
  • Table-Top Games (Ms. Plato)
  • White Pine Reading Club (Mrs. Fongsamouth)
  • Woodworking Club (Mr. Vadja)
  • Yearbook (Ms. Turcotte)

Although all of the above clubs build leadership skills, the following groups specifically involve learning to be a leader within the student body and the community as a whole:

  • Athletic Council (Ms. Zizian)
  • Arts Council (Ms. Menotti)
  • The Cappies (Mrs. Fongsamouth)
  • Rotary Club (Mrs. Lundy)
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Council (Ms. McBurney)

If there is a club you want to form—all you have to do is present the idea to the administrators and we’ll see if we can get it started!