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Student Success Program

Student Success is a Ministry of Education initiative designed to ensure additional support for students. At Stamford Collegiate, we are dedicated to fulfilling the District School Board of Niagara’s Mission Statement which states that:   
"We are  committed to student success by working together to inspire and empower all learners to reach their full potential”

The role of our student success team is to:

  • Transition  grade 8 students who have been identified as at risk of not being successful in the secondary setting
  • Track the progress of students at risk
  • Support school-wide efforts to improve student progress
  • Re-engage students who have left school without graduating
  • Provide direct support and instruction to struggling students
  • Support teaching staff with resources and delivery of curriculum
  • Work with parents and the community to increase student  success

Student Success programs and initiatives at Stamford include:

  • Identification, transition and monitoring of incoming grade 9 students at risk
  • Transition initiatives including: Grade 8 day, SSTW day, Club-fest, Sign on to Graduate and Individual tours
  • Credit recovery and rescue classes
  • “Heads Up” program to support students who have fallen behind in their courses
  • After school Literacy and Numeracy classes
  • Literacy Test support and preparation for SSTW students
  • “Project 17” an on-site re-engagement class for early leavers
  • Delivery of packaged courses for students unable to be in the school
  • Participation in the Impact Program for at risk youth, and the Learning Like Champions Program for Crown Wards
  • Re-engagement of students who have left without graduating; through counseling and referral to appropriate programs

The Success Room is available all day long.  Students are welcome to come visit, eat their lunch, get help and work towards success. 


Program Leader:  Tyffani Martin