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Technology education at Stamford Collegiate focuses on developing students' ability to work creatively and competently with technologies that are central to their lives. The development of individuals as technologically literate enhances their success in post-secondary school as well as in the workplace.

Innovative technology addresses the basic needs of humans and provides the tools and processes required for the exploration of both the known and the unknown in the world.

The Grade 9 Integrated Technology Program

This program offers students the opportunity to understand the technology and computer concepts that are needed to design, develop, and build usable products as well as deliver services. The hands on approach here at Stamford allows and enables students to make educated choices when they consider future career paths and continue with their technological studies.

Further Courses in Technology.

Following the grade 9 course, students can choose to take courses in construction, transportation, communication technology, hairstyling and asthetics, photography, video, animation, hospitality and tourism or horticulture. 

We are pleased to offer opportunities for students to earn a Specialist High Skills Major in Hospitatliy and Tourism, Horticulture or Information Technology directly through Stamford.  Students can also earn an SHSM in Construction through a Home Build.


Program Leader - Mark Vajda 

David DiGaetano
Liz DiGaetano 
Neil Haddad
Greg McInerney
Kelly Plato
Srecko Polich
Doug Rysdale
Eli Serbina