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Social Studies

All of the subject areas encompassed by Stamford's program in social sciences and humanities – family studies and social studies (anthropology, sociology and psychology) are concerned with how students view themselves, their families, their communities, and society as they seek to find meaning in the world around them. Through practical experiences, discussions, debates, research, study and reflection, and other vehicles for developing critical and creative thinking skills, social science and humanities courses help students become selfmotivated problem-solvers equipped with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to face their changing world with confidence.

The discipline of social sciences and humanities has connections with many other disciplines taught in secondary school, on the level of both knowledge and skills. Their studies in social science and humanities courses will allow students to bring a broader perspective to their learning in subjects such as history, geography, and English. Students will be able to build on previous learning, integrate related knowledge, and apply learning skills across subject areas.

Both social science and humanities courses teach students a variety of fundamental skills, such as formulating appropriate questions, collecting and analysing data, differentiating between evidence and opinion, recognizing bias, and organizing and communicating results effectively. Students gain experience in researching information from a variety of sources, thinking critically about the ideas and facts they gather, and using that information to solve problems through both independent effort and collaborative work.

At Stamford we offer the following courses:

Food and Nutrition  - at both the grade 9 level and at the grade 12 level
Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology
Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society
Challenge and Change in Society

Tina Romyn - Program Leader
Eli Serbina
Mike Tenhoeve