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The Stamford Visual Art Department is a leader in innovative teaching practice and co-curricular opportunity in Niagara Falls. This program is an essential part of the wide range of programs at Stamford that can and will prepare you for a future in the fine arts if that is the direction you so choose. Many of our graduates have gone on to study Visual Art at university and the Ontario College of Fine Arts.

Art students are active within the Stamford Community helping to beautify the school and surrounding businesses. We also offer the opportunity to sell, publish and market your art work through various galleries in the area, we have an on-site silkscreening operation, and we are also responsible for the design and painting of the sets for our major dramatic and musical productions.

We offer a range of courses which can be found in the “Courses of Study” section. Please also check out our “Student Work” and “Special Events” sections for more information.

Courses of Study

  • Grade 9-12 Visual Art (AVI)
  • Grade 11 Ceramics (AWC)
  • Grade 11-12 Drawing and Painting (AWM)
  • SSTW courses are offered for each of the above

Student Work

Art 1
Art 2Art 3Art 4Art 5

Special Events

  • Art trip to New York City to check out the many museums that the “Big Apple” has to offer! (offered every other year)

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Larissa Turcotte (Program Leader) 
Ryan Minor