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Secondary School To Community (SSTC)

Secondary School To Community Department

Stamford is committed to providing a learning environment that fosters success for all students. We recognize the value and contribution of every student. It is our belief that all students can learn and thrive.

At Stamford, students with special learning needs will receive special education services to help meet their unique needs. Students' needs can usually be met within the regular classroom setting; however, some students may have complex learning requirements which are best met by placement in a specialized program or class.

The SSTC Program at Stamford works collaboratively with the regular school body. Teachers, Educational Assistants, and students work together on a daily basis, both in and out of the classroom, to achieve success . . . together !!!

Deidre Beam -- Education Assistant
Paula Chiasson -- Educational Assistant
Lindsay Dezeeuw -- Education Assistant
Marie Kowalczyk -- Education Assistant

Ken Kuronen -- Education Assistant
Jewel MacArthur -- Education Assistant
Sandie Patterson -- Education Assistant
Lisa Sherren -- Education Assistant

Jamie Clarke -- Secondary School to Community Teacher
Grace Lovering - Secondary School to Community Teacher
Trevor McTavish -- Secondary School to Community Teacher
Mike Tenhoeve - Secondary School to Community Teacher
Paula Skrok -- Secondary School to Community Program Leader

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