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Thank you to everyone who donated to our Christmas Store!

by User Not Found | Dec 13, 2016

Every year Stamford creates a store for students in financial need to pick out free items to give out to family members at Christmas.

We would like to thank Grace Gospel Church for their generous donation towards our Christmas Store and Charity Baskets.  Grace Gospel also donated time and resources in setting up a free photo booth for students and staff to get pictures made as gifts. 

Thank you again to the manager at the Canada One Factory Outlets, Ms. Ready, who donated bags of Ardene merchandise last year.  We still have tons of earrings, necklaces, hats and more!  

A thank you also goes out to all of the staff and community members who donate both time and money.  Thank you for all of those stuffed animals Helga and Wayne Campbell! Thank you for the extra wrapping paper Sara Taylor. And we couldn't do it without you Ms. Martin, Ms. Osborne, Ms. Au and Ms. Skrok. Our store is bigger than we've ever seen it.  

Students will soon be invited into the store where they can browse, pick gifts and get their packages wrapped.

Stamford wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday!

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