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Stamford introduces MSIP Wednesdays

by User Not Found | Nov 16, 2017

Introducing Stamford’s MSIP Wednesdays!

Starting November 29th, students will follow an MSIP schedule every Wednesday until the end of the year.  

On an MSIP Wednesday, students will follow this schedule:

Shortened Period 1 (8:35-9:35)
MSIP (9:40-10:40)
Shortened Period 2 (10:45-11:45)
Lunch (11:45-12:30)
Shortened Period 3 (12:35-1:35)
Shortened Period 4 (1:40-:2:40)

All MSIP classes will begin with Stop, Drop & Read.  The remainder of MSIP will differ by grade:

  • Grade 9s & 10s focus on literacy & numeracy.  They will also be given time for homework completion and/or focussed help in areas where they are falling behind.

  • Grade 11s & 12s will use the time to complete assignments, use computer and research resources, attend guidance counselling appointments or grad meetings and meet with subject teachers where possible.

  • Attendance will be taken in every MSIP period.  If a grade 11/12 student is using MSIP to work with a teacher in a different location, s/he must first report to the assigned MSIP for attendance.

Why the move to single day MSIP?

We listen to our students and they have been asking for MSIP.  MSIP promotes an alternative academic schedule for high school students. Instead of the standard four 75-minute periods found in the semestered school, MSIP schools adopt five 60-minute periods including one 60-minute multi-subject instructional MSIP period.  Most MSIP schools run an MSIP period every day - with students having MSIP any one of their five periods.  Similar to the DSBN Academy, Stamford will adopt a flexible model where we offer an MSIP period only one day a week.  This allows us to have all students share the same MSIP period.   This will reduce the interruptions in regular classes, give students time to catch up on missed work and meet with teachers as needed, allow for post-secondary planning and allow for a whole-school approach to literacy and numeracy in grades 9 and 10. 

At some point during the week of November 20th - students will be called down by grade to hear more about MSIP and to receive their assigned MSIP location.  

MSIP Wednesdays

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