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  • Stamford's Parent Council Presents a Free Cooking Workshop

    by User Not Found | Oct 12, 2016

    cooking class

    Stamford Collegiate's Parent Council, led by our chair, Ms. Sara Taylor and our foods teacher Mr. Haddad, are offering 2 free cooking workshops this year.

    The first workshop runs on Tuesday, November 15 from 6pm-8pm in Room 45.

    The topic is....
    How To Make The Most Out Of A Chicken!

    More details will follow - but for now, seats are limited so register early by clicking on the following link.
    Register here!

  • Stamford Collegiate Partners with the Niagara Falls Public Library

    by User Not Found | Oct 11, 2016

    library hornet logo

    As part of our 2016 Literacy Plan, Stamford, in partnership with the Niagara Falls Public Library, has made a commitment to provide every student with a Library Card and access to ebooks.  

    To learn how to run a marathon – a person has to practice running every day.  The same logic applies to becoming a better reader.   We’ve adopted the belief that we can improve students reading by increasing the opportunities to read.  A library card, and the downloading of the free overdrive.com app on any electronic device, will provide students with thousands of free ebooks that automatically return to the library when due.  There would be no more worries about losing a book or getting charged with late fees.  

    Ebooks is the way to go and we want to make it easy to get students registered.  To make it even easier, the Niagara Falls Public Library has committed to wiping the slate clean.  If a Stamford student has any charges on a current library card, the library will wipe away those charges and give the student a fresh start.   

    Our plan begins with the grade nines through their homerooms. Phase two targets students in grades 10-12 English classrooms.

    Starting tomorrow at Parent/Teacher interviews, grade 9 homeroom teachers will distribute and collect the following permission forms - click here

    Next steps include:

    • Sending the signed permission forms to the library so that cards can be created and then issued to students at Stamford
    • Inviting library officials into Stamford so that they can provide workshops to all grade 9 students about how to download free electronic books (ebooks)
    • Encouraging students to use ebooks in classes and/or during “Stop-Drop-and-Read” Fridays

    If your student has misplaced the permission form, please do not hesitate to click the link that was provided above, print and sign the form, then send it to the main office.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call Principal Ann Gilmore at 905-354-7409, ext. 65401.
  • Cash Online is coming to Stamford November 7th

    by User Not Found | Oct 04, 2016

    Dear Parents,

    We understand that you have a lot on the go each day. That’s why we’d like to make it easier to connect with our school and keep up with important information.

    Soon you will be able to approve permission forms and make payments for trips, special events and school spirit wear, all online.

    cash online

    The system will become active on November 7th. You will be able to gain access through the School Cash button which will be placed on our school website. When the system is online, we ask that you click on the button and follow the simple instructions to register. Registration should take less than five minutes.

    We feel this is an exciting new opportunity to work more collaboratively with you. If you have any questions about this project, I would be pleased to speak with you. Please feel free to contact me at the school at (905) 354-7409, ext. 65401.

    Keep an eye out for more information posted online. We will also be distributing information at our Parent-Teacher Interviews on October 12 (4-6pm). We encourage everyone to register on November 7th and will be offering opportunities for prizes for those who register by November 11th. Thank you for your continued support.


    Principal Gilmore

  • Chess Club

    by User Not Found | Sep 12, 2016

    Hey Stamford Nation - Chess Club starts today!

    Chess Club meets at lunch in Room 36 with Mr. DiGaetano.  Come on down for a friendly game of chess or practice for our first tournament which is next Friday, September 23rd.  

    See you at lunch!

  • Link Crew News for Grade 9s

    by User Not Found | Aug 29, 2016
    link crew
    Please clink on the following link for more information about our new transition program for all grade nine students.  Stamford is excited to be the first DSBN school to pilot this program. 

    LINK CREW September Details
  • EcoSchools Platinum Certified & Future Sustainability Award

    by User Not Found | Jun 15, 2016

    eco schools platinum

    Ontario EcoSchools
    award Stamford Platinum Status for the 3rd year in a row!  Congratulations Ms. McBurney and Eco Freaks!

    Platinum certification allows high-achieving schools to deepen their existing program through rich opportunities that engage students in environmental learning and practice.

    To achieve Platinum, schools must:

    • Submit a Platinum Yearly Planner before the November 30th deadline
    • Meet the minimum requirements for Gold level certification (75% of points in each 6 sections) 
    • Complete the Platinum section and achieve a minimum of 20 out of the 25 available points
    • Receive a site visit

    This is what Ontario EcoSchools had to say about Stamford:
    Stamford Collegiate, your whole school is a true inspiration to us at Ontario EcoSchools! Through your many eco-initiatives, and with your staff and student leadership, you certainly go above and beyond the EcoSchools program. Excellent to see that you use social media to educate the greater school community about happenings at Stamford. As time goes on we know this will be a key element to continually growing your successful campaigns. Your monitoring practices and communication strategies in Energy Conservation and Waste Minimization are clearly having an impact. Excellent to see that you now have recycling bins in the hallways to maximize your diversion rate. Your compost program is incredibly unique and showcases just how dedicated the whole school is to minimizing waste. We love your School Ground Greening projects! Each of these outdoor spaces (vegetable patches, pond courtyard, outdoor classroom, No Mow zones, and the Strawberry Fields) continually benefit students, the community and local biodiversity. It is impressive how involved the students have been in all aspects of the project. Great Curriculum submissions – it’s wonderful to see environmental education taking place across various grade levels and subjects. We hope the Grade 10’s had fun visiting The Walker Living Campus. Your Environmental Stewardship campaigns go above and beyond while engaging the entire school community in environmental action and learning – great job! We love your Earth Day celebration; a great way to raise awareness throughout the whole school. It was a true pleasure to see firsthand all of the amazing work you are doing and to see how passionate your students are about creating a more sustainable world. Keep up the fantastic work Stamford Collegiate!  

    Stamford's Specialized High Skills Green Industry students also received accolades for their environmental efforts. 

    Each year the City of Niagara Falls Park in the City Committee, the Niagara Parks Commission and the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture organize the Niagara Falls Schools In Bloom Program. This program gives schools across the city the opportunity to participate in rewarding activities to landscape and beautify their schoolyard areas, while continuing to learn about horticulture and the environment.

    This year, our students were awarded the "Future Sustainability Award" for their environmental efforts.  The community particularly liked our "No Mow" zone along the Drummond side of the school.  In this "No Mow" zone, students have cultivated natural prairie grass in an effort to balance what is done to the environment by having overly manicured lawns.  As the trees mature, they will shed their leaves to create a rich leaf litter which will be a natural weed suppressant - creating a healthy, diverse ecosystem.

    schools in bloom

    We can also celebrate our partnerships with our feeder schools and the awards they won!

    Cherrywood and Stamford have been working together since Spring of last year to create an Outdoor Classroom. The results led to Cherrywood being awarded the "Sensory Garden Award" by Schools in Bloom. This space has exceeded everyone's expectations and is a joy to behold. Although I cannot show you a video with elementary students present - here is a peak at the space.  You just need to imagine children examining plants, watering gardens, exploring nature, smiling and talking and learning while playing. Click here for the video.

    Stamford has also recently teamed up with River View - helping to plant mature trees and lay the ground work for a similar space to Cherrywood.  River View was awarded the "Creative Outdoor Learning Award" by Schools in Bloom.  

    riverview 1

    Students helping students - schools working together - it doesn't get much better than this!

  • Super-Mileage Car Wins Silver!

    by User Not Found | Jun 13, 2016

    Congratulations to our Super-Mileage Team - THE STAMFORD GEARHEADS!

    Team members (under the guidance of Mr. Letourneau and Mr. Clark) include:

    • Curtis Lack
    • Luka Medic (driver)
    • Connor Wilkinson
    • Dylan Hardwick
    • Cameron Lafrenier

    This was a labour of love. Click the following link to see a photo essay of their work:
    Supermileage car

    You can also click this link to see a video created by Curtis Lack.


  • Results from the 2016 "Cappies Niagara "

    by User Not Found | May 27, 2016

    The Cappies, "Critics and Awards Program," is a program through which high school theatre and journalism students are trained as critics, attend shows at other schools, write reviews, and publish those reviews in local newspapers.

    At the end of the year, the student critics vote for awards that are presented at a formal Cappies Gala.

    This year's production of Lizzie was nominated for 11 awards and was awarded:
    • Best Play!
    • Sound (Glen Chartrand)
    • Lighting (Aaron Milward)

    Congratulations to all of the nominees!!

    The other nominees were:
    • Sets (Mr. Simpson & Mr. Polich's Construction Class)
    • Hair and Make-Up (Christie Kemp)
    • Props (Alex Trelford)
    • Creativity (Austin Kills-Enemy)
    • Featured Actress (Millie McMurtie)
    • Featured Actor (Michael Shannon)
    • Supporting Actress (Sara Nicholson)
    • Supporting Actor (Peter Nykulak)
    • Lead Acress (Katelynn Hilborn)
    • Lead Actor (Elliot Crawford)

    13256495_1289120651116348_321511616291500698_n  13315317_1289120717783008_6507699527098002245_n
  • STC students lend a helping hand

    by User Not Found | May 10, 2016
    Stamford S.T.C Co-Op Students preparing registration packages for the OPPORTUNITIES: Skills for the 21st Century Conference.
  • Construction is complete - lunch boundaries will now change

    by User Not Found | May 06, 2016

    Construction of the new Entranceway and Foyer are now complete!  

    This means that we can go back to eating in assigned areas.  This saves the custodians a great deal of time with regards to cleaning up the halls and it brings us back together over the lunch period.  

    Be sure to scroll down and take a peak at the pictures, old and new below.  

    Here are the areas that students are now allowed to eat lunch:
    • Cafeteria
    • Halls outside of the cafeteria
    • Foyer by new side entrance
    • Halls by the library down into the Phys-Ed Area
    • Library
    Here are the areas that can no longer be used to sit and eat lunch.  
    • Geography/History Hall
    • Tech hall
    • Math Hall
    • Science Hall
    • English Hall
    • Cosmetology Hall

    Students who are visiting teachers for extra help during lunch or have club/council meetings to attend will be able to access these areas - but unless a student has a purpose, these halls will remain out of bounds until 11:50.  Period 3 classes begin at 12:05 - so this gives students 15 minutes to return to their lockers and prepare materials for their afternoon classes.

    This is our new foyer.  Two tables have been provided with USB ports and plugs for students to work during their spares.  Please also note that there are a bank of computers available in the cafeteria. 

    Foyer May 2016

    This is what it used to look like!

    ___photo 1

    And here is our new Entranceway attached to the foyer.

    Entance 2016 May
  • Stamford Students Visit the Mohawk Institute in Brantford

    by User Not Found | May 05, 2016
    The Mohawk Institute was the oldest continuously operated Anglican residential school in Canada. Mrs. Ciesla’s and Mr. Hunter’s classes left with invaluable knowledge about this little known and misunderstood part of our history.

  • Stamford Fitness Students Enjoy a New Facility Addition

    by User Not Found | May 04, 2016
    “The Cage” has arrived. The Cross Fitness and Cardio Fitness students can challenge their limits and improve strength and confidence. 30 students can be working at the same time on body weight exercises. Whether it be pull-ups or assisted pull-ups using the bands, TRX work or monkey bar races the students are offered an edge that no other students in the region get. The class set of spin bikes, plyo boxes, kettlebells, battling ropes and slam balls make this a center like no other.

  • Stamford's SHSM Health & Wellness Students Reach Ahead to Niagara College

    by User Not Found | May 04, 2016
    On April 18th students in the High Skills Specialist Major Program went to Niagara College (Welland Campus) to learn about the Nursing and Fitness Promotion Programs. Students had hands on opportunities with cardiovascular testing labs and nursing practices in their realistic hospital ward. The $60,000 mannequins can be programmed to react like people demonstrating several conditions and symptoms. Their pupils can dilate, heartrate and breathing can be heard through stethoscopes etc. Next year we want to explore the Paramedic and Police Foundations Programs. The anatomy that is taught in Grade 12 Kinesiology at Stamford is very helpful in preparation for such College and University Programs.

  • An "Eco-Schools Experience" Blog

    by User Not Found | Apr 18, 2016

    Eco-Schools Experience

    By: Jacob , Kyrah , and Alyssa (grade 10s) , Austin (grade 11)

    At Stamford Collegiate in Niagara Falls, the Eco-Freaks have been busy trying to achieve Platinum status for the third year in a row.  We are a diverse group of about 30 students, ranging from grade 9 through 12. Our Green Hornets have been diligent with recycling, and added a door to door classroom recycling service.  The Environmental Science class has targeted hallway recycling and has created recycling stations and added stickers to the bins to assist with sorting waste. Green bins have been strategically placed to deal with reducing paper towels in the waste stream. The SHSM Horticultue students have been very busy greening the school grounds and reforesting the East side of the building.

    Our school has just undergone a renovation where windows were added to the south side of the building to provide more natural lighting. New bicycle racks were also added, to help with the growing number of cyclists!

    We have attempted to encourage reusing materials and collected Halloween costumes for Project Share, 1700 pairs of shoes for Haiti through Interact with Soles for Soles, and are planning a massive clothing, household items and electronics drive for Earth Day.  

    We have partnered with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority to plant native tree species to reforest an area, and worked with a local elementary school to design a naturalized playground.

    Students’ Council is eagerly anticipating our Earth Day Festival.  It will start with an assembly featuring First Nation drummers, student performers, talks and video clips.  Then, the entire school will participate in a neighbourhood cleanup.  In the afternoon, there will be a BBQ with vegetarian options, a smoothie bicycle, musicians, movies, solar oven displays, plantings, chalk drawings, bead making, First Nations medicine wheel talks, tree identification, upcycling and many more hands on activities for the students. It promises to be the highlight of this school year!

    Jacob (grade 10),

    At the Eco Summit I learned the effects of technology on the world. The tech we are using to clean the ocean and clarify the air ( I went home on my own time and studied up the machine tech used to purify air/water ). The Air Tech used was called Airocide, which pulls out ethylene gas out of the air. I also learned the differences between the two species of the Humming Bird. Also, I learned how they pick their nests ( in tree holes ). I learned that plastic has BPA in it and that BPA in the plastic and it gets in our waters causing problems with the environment. I also learned that many household items contain many harmful products, such as make up, toothpaste, windex, etc. Overall it was a very good experience it taught me a lot and I look forward to hopefully be able to go again next year.

    Alyssa (grade 10),

    I learned about how plastic is bad because it has something in it called BPA and it’s a component of plastic that can affect hormones and cause birth defects. That means if you touch plastic like water bottles and receipts you can get this chemical into you. I also learned that you can make super cool music videos about environmental problems to raise awareness. I learned that birds are delicate, if you scare them when they are sitting in a nest and trying to stay warm they will fly away and freeze to death. I learned that the canadian goose almost went extinct 50 or 60 years or so ago. I learned that everything contains harmful and toxic chemicals, like makeup, plastic, paint, wrappers, cleaners, pipes, store receipts, toys, cars, junk food. In other words, it feels like everything is out to get you. I thought that the event was a good experience and I got to meet people that shared our views and were quite knowledgeable about the environment. It makes me feel happy that young people are taking more of an interest in environmental problems and making an effort to do something about it.

    Kyrah (grade 10),  

    During the Eco-schools event, I was able to widen my horizons and expand my knowledge about the environment and ecological issues. This was very helpful because when I pursue my future career I would like to somehow get involved in an ecological campaign. I might not take an environmental job path, but I  feel everyone should at least know what is going on, on the planet they're currently residing on. While I was attending the event, I learned many things. One piece of information that I had found out is that approximately 75% of our fresh water is in Canada. Another thing is that I found out how to get my knowledge across to my Elders . This can be a problem for aspiring environmentalists. Not only does it mean a halt in our thought process, it also means your higher ups might know the limits of what you know, and ultimately, not depend on you as much as they could. My favourite part of this event is that I was able to meet and talk to other eco-schools. This is because when you're making up events for the future, it's great to get an outside view on it. It also helps to get connected to other school communities.


  • Congratulations to our Technological High Skills Winners

    by User Not Found | Apr 14, 2016

    Please join me in congratulating the following students who earned medals at the Technological Education High Skills Competition.

    It was great to see the students accepting their awards at the 2016 High Skills dinner last evening at Club Italia.

    For 2D Animation, Brandon Gundrum and Tyler Lampshire were awarded Bronze.  Thank you to Mr. Rysdale for his guidance and support!

    For Hairstyling, Michael Shannon was awarded silver and Alyssa Storm was awarded Bronze.  They couldn't do it without you Ms. DiGaetano!  You are not allowed to retire!

    In the Culinary Arts, Noah Harris was awarded silver.  Thank you to Mr. Haddad - not only for his guidance, but also for his clever morning announcements. 

    In Floristry, Kyrah Arra was awarded silver. Thank you for everything that you do, Mr. Serbina.  You and your students make Stamford look beautiful all year round!

  • Lizzie Performances - raising money for Regionals!

    by User Not Found | Apr 05, 2016

    Come out and support Stamford's production of Lizzie - winner of the Sears Festival Outstanding Performance Award.

    Proceeds help support the trip to Regionals in Windsor!

    Evening performances include:
         Wednesday, April 7
         Thursday, April 8
         Friday, April 9

    Tickets are $10 if purchased in advance at the school
    (or by calling 905-354-749 ext. 65410).  

    Buy 3 and get one free!

    Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $12.

    Doors open at 6:30 - Curtain is at 7:00.

    Raffle tickets to amazing prizes are sold outside of the theatre!

    lizzie april playbill

  • Stamford needs your used clothing & household goods!

    by User Not Found | Mar 08, 2016
    Stamford is teaming up with Value Village on Lundy's Lane 
    for a Used Clothing & Household Goods Fundraiser!

    Donate your used clothing and household goods to Stamford Collegiate and help fund our free breakfast and lunch programs for students. We are also looking to introduce free monthly cooking classes for our parent community.

    Bring your recycled goods to Stamford on Earth Day
    Friday, April 22nd from 9am to 2pm
    Saturday, April 23rd from noon to 2pm.

    The Drop-Off location will be at our newly renovated side entrance. 

    Can't make it to the school on those days? Not a problem! Items can be dropped off in our Main Office during school hours - 7:30am to 3:30pm.  You can also call the school to arrange for items to be picked up.  Call the office at 905-354-7409, ext. 65410.

    Celebrate Earth Day with us and help fuel the Nation!

    We won't only be collecting used clothing and household goods on the 22nd.  Stamford students will be out cleaning up the community, picking up donations and celebrating the earth through workshops and activities in the football field. Community members are welcome to stop by and become part of the action!  More details to follow!!

  • Instrumental Band is back!

    by User Not Found | Mar 07, 2016
    Instrumental Band runs every Tuesday and Thursday after school in the music room.

    Anyone who plays an instrument or wants to learn is welcome!!

  • Hornet Swim Season

    by User Not Found | Feb 12, 2016

    The Hornet Swim Season came to an end yesterday. Brock University hosted the SOSSA Championships.  After practising twice a week since the start of school in September, we were just shy of advancing to OFSAA.  The boys 200 metre freestyle relay team finsihed with a personal best time.  Members of the relay included:
    • Ben Kelly
    • Cody MacIsaac
    • Jacob Manels
    • Riley Manels

    In the individual events, Danni Hill swam personal bests and placed 3rd at SOSSA in the 50 meter breast stroke with a time of 43.18 seconds.  She also placed 3rd at SOSSA in the 50 back stroke with a time of 41.23 seconds.  Way to go Danni!!

    Ben Kelly placed 3rd at SOSSA in the 50 meter freestyle with a personal best time of 28.8 seconds. Now that is a fast way to go Benny!!

    Coach Zizian would like to thank the whole team, including Leeanez Piper, for their effort this year.

  • Celebrating our History in Sports

    by User Not Found | Feb 11, 2016
    Attention all alumni!

    Stamford is in the process of coming up with a comprehensive list of past champions dating back to 1944. Please take a look at our list and offer any suggestions. Please note we have worked diligently to make this list as accurate as possible and are looking for verification of results and any omissions. This would be based on confirmed sources, such as yearbooks or newspaper clippings.

    Please respond to jamie.clarke@dsbn.org

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