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  • Pink Hornet Safe Squad

    by User Not Found | Jun 01, 2015

    Does the first day of school make you nervous?   Are you worried you will get lost in a new school and won’t know who to ask for help, who to sit with at lunch, and how to find your bus?  A lot of Hornets have felt the same way, have faced the same concerns and want to make it easier for new students.  What is their solution?   -- The Pink Hornet Safe Squad!


    If you see this shirt, you have found a student dedicated to making you feel more comfortable at school.

    In September, 12 students were trained by the Red Cross as certified “Beyond the Hurt” Youth Facilitators.  This is a Respect Ed program that focuses on understanding, preventing and intervening in bullying situations.  These 12 students trained 18 more and from this training the idea of the Pink Hornet Safe Squad was born.

    The squad, in turn invited Trevor Bodogh to speak to our grade 9 and 10s on his journey through high school and how he used passion, preparation, practice and perseverance to overcome the many struggles he faced.

     Our Pink Hornet Safe Squad would not be possible without the tremendous support from Speak Up and the Education Foundation of Niagara who supported our projects with grants of $1000.


  • May 19th to May 21st is Aboriginal Appreciation Week

    by User Not Found | May 19, 2015
    Attention all students!   Next week - May 19th to May 21st - is Aboriginal Appreciation Week.  

    Thanks to Chelsea Arsenault, Ms. Osborne, Mr. Howe and Ms. Maracle for pursuing the Speak Up Grant that made these events possible.

    There will be activities every day.  

    Tuesday, Mr. Haddad and Mr. Tenhoeve's classes will be making scones and cookies.  On Wednesday, please join us in the cafeteria to try scones, jam and strawberry juice.  On Thursday, Ms. Borish and Mr. Ingrao's classes will participate in a Lacrosse clinic with Blue Hill.  Please sign up in room 50 to learn how to make a medicine wheel key chain with Sheila Maracle - either at lunch or during period 3 on Friday.  See you then! 

  • Congratulations to our Grade 11 Dance Class & our Stamford Dance Team

    by User Not Found | May 19, 2015

    Congratulations to the Grade 11 Dance Class with Ms. Gautier and our Stamford Dance Team members on your excellent performance at the DSBN Niagara's Best Dance Crew Competition.

    Abbigayle Winny placed 3rd and Alysha Boyer placed 5th in the Contemporary Solo Category.  Megan Pelletier placed 5th in Lyrical Solo.  Olivia Boyer, Alicia Marazzo and Barbara Millinton placed 1st in Newbie Contemporary Trio.  Dance Team members placed 2nd in Contemporary Large Group. 

    Congratulations all dancers!  

  • Stamford Celebrated our 14th Annual Wall of Fame Dinner!

    by User Not Found | May 19, 2015
    Alumni members - Robbie Farquharson, Judy Russell & Bill Fisher - were inducted into our Wall of Fame on May 14, 2015.

    A big thank you goes out to Ellen Retzman, Neil Haddad, our SHSM Hospitality students and our teacher/student volunteers who helped prepare and serve a wonderful dinner last Thursday.  

    A special thank you also goes out to Marion from Mullen Garden Market for donating the floral arrangements.  Marian is another proud Stamford Hornet!

    It was a full house of approximately 100 guests to see 3 Stamford Alumni members be presented with our coveted Wall of Fame trophy and plaque.  Read below to find out more about these amazing hornets!

    "Mr. Martin... you made us into a family and we loved you for it." - Robbie Farquharson.

    "A lot of the seeds for the growth of my life started here. ...Stamford is part of the fabric of my life." - Judy Russell

    "The wall to me is a reminder for all - that dreams at Stamford can come true" - Bill Fisher

    And in the Niagara Falls Review....

  • Graduation Art Show May 12 to June 4

    by User Not Found | May 08, 2015

    Two of our graduating artists are showing their work at the Board Office from May 12 - June 4.

    Congratulations to Ashley Ellis and Jillian Strong.  Come to the reception at 4:30pm on Tuesday May 12!

  • Attention Football Players - order your sportswear here!

    by User Not Found | May 04, 2015
    We are working towards on-line order forms for Stamford Spirit & Sportswear.

    Here is your first opportunity from Riddell!

    Riddell Football Sportswear

  • Stamford students explore careers in Engineering Design & Application

    by User Not Found | Apr 15, 2015

    New this year! Stamford students enter the 2015 DSBN Supermileage Car Contest!

    Mr. McIntee and a group of grade 11 and 12 students are designing and building a Supermileage car from the ground up.  

    The students involved this year are:
    Chase Irwin
    Cierra Jones
    Keegan Lapere
    Tony Shorthouse
    Roger Turnbull
    Raymond Watson

    The contest is to see whose car can go the farthest distance on 250ml of fuel.  This year's contest will take place at the Seaway Mall parking lot in May.  More details to follow!

    A big thank you goes out to the companies who have supported Stamford by providing guidance with the design, as well as some of the materials.

    Airbus Helicopters Canada Ltd. has been our biggest supporter. They have not only provided guidance with the design - but they have also allowed students to work side by side with them at their facility. Stamford greatly appreciates their dedication to supporting the community and developing the skills of our youth. 

  • Great article about our play in Niagara This Week

    by User Not Found | Mar 25, 2015
  • Must See Performance of our Sears Entry - Invisible Wounds

    by User Not Found | Mar 09, 2015

    Opening Production for Stamford's Newly Renovated James Cameron Theatre!

    Thursday, March 26 at 7 pm
    Friday, March 27 at 7 pm

    Purchase/Reserve Tickets at Stamford's Main Office 

    All tickets are $10
    • proceeds go towards sending the students to the Regional Competition in Windsor!

  • Gr.7 & 8 Co-Ed Wrestling Camp March 16-18

    by User Not Found | Mar 04, 2015

    Introducing Stamford Collegiate’s Grade 7/8
    March Break Co-Ed Wrestling Camp!

     Interested in Wrestling? 

    Want a chance to learn some skills from our OFSAA wrestlers  & coach, Mr. Shiloh Ostadhassan?

    Want to get ahead in preparing to join wrestling when you attend Stamford?

    We have a camp for you—open to both girls and boys! Whether you have experience or not—we want you to be part of our three-day Wrestling Camp during March Break.

    • Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, March 16-1810:00am—1:00 (lunch is provided) 

    • Main Gym at Stamford Collegiate 

    How much?
    • $50 
    Register by filling in the Wrestling Camp Forms and submitting them to your Elementary Principal—or directly to the Main Office at Stamford Collegiate.

  • Open Mic Fridays at Lunch in the Library

    by User Not Found | Feb 06, 2015

    Mr. Hartley has brought Open Mic back!!

    Stop by the library at lunch on Fridays to entertain or be entertained.   Bring your lunch and your friends with you.

    Lunch wasn't long enough to get through the line up today but we're not upset.  This means that next week, and hopefully every week, will be filled with students and teachers sharing their talents.  

    In the spotlight today:

    Mr. Hartley warms up the crowd along with his wife and family friend

    Comedian Phil Robertson makes us all laugh - and Ms. Gilmore cringe just a little bit :)

    Mr. Hartley helps Cherise Locke with her first time singing in front of an audience

    Alex Trelford shares a beautiful song 

    Courtney Hicks brings Open Mic to a close with acapella

  • Senior Girls' Volleyball Winter Trip 2015

    by User Not Found | Feb 03, 2015

    Ms. Baillie enjoyed taking our Senior Girls' Volleyball team to Carriage Hills Resort and Horseshoe Resort from January 28 to January 30, 2015.

    After a friendly game against Barrie Central, the ladies enjoyed swimming, skating, tubing and sleigh rides.  

    Thank you for sharing the pictures Ms. Baillie and thank you for a great season girls!

  • Students Take Centre Stage at Inaugural Board Meeting

    by User Not Found | Jan 23, 2015

    On January 13th, Stamford's up and coming culinary students welcomed our 2015 DSBN Board Trustees by serving delicious appetizers and desserts at the Inaugural Board Meeting at the Education Centre.

    All of the food was prepared by our students in our grade 9 HFN (Food and Nutrition) program under the direction of Mr. Haddad and Mr. Tenhoeve.

    Appetizers and desserts included:
    • tomato, basil and bocconcini drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette
    • bacon wrapped chestnuts
    • mini Jamaican patties
    • fruit kabobs
    • chocolate dipped strawberries
    • banitsas( whisked eggs and pieces of cheese between phyllo pastry)

    Wlliam King and Nathan Jahns (see picture below) joined Lauren Jahns, Cheyenne Richardson and Gary Gaston in serving at the event.  Thank you for all of your hard work!!  I can attest to how yummy the food was because I ate way too much!
  • Waterloo Math Contest

    by User Not Found | Jan 09, 2015
    It's that time of year again - time for the Waterloo Math Contests.  

    If you like multiple-choice Math contests, come on down and see Mr. DiGaetano in room 52 before February 10th for more details or check out: 
  • Summary of "Canada Takes Gold"

    by User Not Found | Jan 09, 2015
    Great job on summarizing the article about Canada taking gold at the World Juniors Monday night Cale!

    Cale Daley is a grade 10 student in our Specialized School to Community program.  Thank you for sharing his work with me Mrs. Lovering!

  • More Medals for Wrestling!

    by User Not Found | Jan 09, 2015
    Congratulations to Dillon McRae for winning Gold at the Thorold Wrestling Meet Thursday, January 8th!

    Congratulations also to Doug Rose for winning Silver!

    And Korin Visca - you didn't want your picture taken - but congratulations to you for winning Bronze!!
  • A Stamford Student gets sponsored to participate in the Rotary Adventures in Citizenship

    by User Not Found | Dec 16, 2014

    Congratulations to Zoya Rajput for being chosen by The Rotary Club to travel to Ottawa next spring for the Rotary Adventures in Citizenship. The Rotary Club sponsors one MYAC (Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee) member each year for this wonderful experience. This annual event provides a unique opportunity for a selected group of young Canadians to come together and gain a better understanding of our country. Through meetings with political leaders, senior officials and others, they learn a great deal about the workings of our democratic institutions. Through meeting one another and having discussions among themselves, they learn to appreciate the diversity of Canada and the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship.

    The four students representing Stamford in the Niagara Falls MYAC group are:
    • Tayla Fongsamouth
    • Kaileigh Montgomery
    • Zoya Rajput
    • Masa Song

     Our students provide a voice for the youth of Niagara Falls, while advising Council of important recreational and social issues concerning the City’s younger population.  

    Beth Angle, Community Development Coordinator for Niagara Falls, recently said in an email that our "representatives are wonderful. They are all upbeat and always willing to provide input or take things on."

    Thank you to all 4 young ladies for their dedication and hard work!

  • Congratulations to our Junior Chess Team!

    by User Not Found | Dec 08, 2014

    Our junior chess team tied for first place with Sir Winston Churchill on Tuesday November 25, 2014.  

    Congratulations to Hunter Chambers, Aidan Storey, Christian Gamble and Austin Kills Enemy!

  • Stamford Alumni Publishes Her First Novel

    by User Not Found | Dec 08, 2014

    Congratulations for Rebecca Janzen for the publication of her fist novel, Adventures in Magic.

    When Rebecca dropped off a signed copy of her book this morning, she talked about starting the novel when she was a Stamford student in 2008. She said that she was always a lover of books and that she won a literacy contest in grade 10  for reading 200 books within 4 weeks.  She would like to send a 'shout out' to Ms. Bashar, Mr. Baines, Mr. Serbina and Mr. Taylor!  Way to go Rebecca and thank you for sharing your good news with us!

    A copy of the novel is available in our library.  Rebecca's target audience is between the ages of 8 to 16.  Here is the book description presented on the back jacket:

    "A mystical plague has shifted the balance between magic and nature and puts all of existence in jeopardy.  Anaman is not her world, but Tempest Storm has been summoned to join in a quest to save it, magic, and the Earth itself. With no time to waste, and the help of unlikely allies, Tempest has to quickly learn the ways of Anaman, where monsters dwell and myths are real."

  • Congratulations to Alex Trelford!

    by User Not Found | Dec 08, 2014

    Congratulations to Alex Trelford for winning the 2014 OSSTF Student Achievement Award for Prose/Poetry.

    I would also like to thank Ms. Mills for nominating Alex and providing guidance and support.  Alex did an amazing job of capturing the assigned theme of the contest - which was change.

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