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  • Brock Mentorship Program

    by User Not Found | Dec 04, 2014

    The Brock Mentorship program allows senior academic students the unique opportunity to work with a Brock Mentor in various areas of discipline.  The areas include Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Health Sciences, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology, Computer Science and Mathematics.  It is a competitive program and students apply for the opportunity while they are in Grade 11.  This year we have two students that have been selected to participate in the program.

    Julie Mai is working with Dr. Farzad in the area of Mathematics.  She is using her passion for Mathematics to determine if Bottlenose Dolphins in the coastal waters of Laguna are really demonstrating social behavior.  This is done by applying a variety of mathematical equations to computer programs to see if a correlation can be found. 

    Courtney Cutts in working with Phil Boseglav in the Physics Department.  She is creating a slouch detector.   The goal is to see if the device can help people improve their posture.   The device will be work by an individual and will be calibrated for the person’s optimal posture.  The device will store this value and give an audio warning if it reads a value outside this threshold.  The frequency of prompts will be reduced over time to see if a person begins to make the changes naturally. 

    Both girls will make final presentations of their finds at Brock University in February.  It is sure to be a very exciting day!

  • Annual Alumni Games

    by User Not Found | Dec 03, 2014
    On Thursday, December 18th, Stamford's Phys-Ed Department is holding their Annual Alumni Games in the Jack Johnny Long Gymnasium - Gym C.

    Volleyball runs from 6 - 8 p.m.

    Basketball runs from 8 - 10p.m.

    Anyone that played on a Stamford volleyball team or basketball team and would like to play, please contact Ms. Baillie 905 354 7409 or email christine.baillie@dsbn.org.

    Wear your Stamford gear and come out to have some fun!

    We are supporting Project Share for the holidays so bring canned foods as your entry fee!!!

    Happy Holidays


  • Our Commitment to Anti-Bullying

    by User Not Found | Nov 21, 2014

    It's Pink Shirt Day at Stamford on November 21, 2014 - but we're pink at heart everyday! 

    Stamford Collegiate is committed to creating a culture of academic excellence where our students feel welcomed and share in the belief that they are part of something great.   To foster these values and honour our belief that students have the power to be change agents, we invited students to join our Safety Committee.  

    On September 18 and 19, 2014, 
    twelve grade 10 and 11 students were trained as Certified Beyond the Hurt Youth Facilitators.  Beyond the Hurt: Preventing Bullying & Harrassment is a Respect Ed bullying prevention program, sponsored by the Canadian Red Cross,  that is centered on youth participation and  creativity.  It uses a comprehensive approach to prevention that empowers  students, staff and school communities to create a safer learning environment for everyone.  To learn more about the training our students received - visit Red Cross Beyond the Hurt Training.  

    These students were chosen to participate due 
    to their exceptional leadership skills. The two day training explored the dynamics of bullying and bullying prevention.  From this experience the students have taken their knowledge and created 7 workshops.  The students, themselves, then recruited 16 more students to help with these presentations.

    Stamford Collegiate is looking forward to offering these workshops to our Feeder Schools:

    Healthy Relationships and Schools: where students explore how positive interactions and relationships can lead to  a bully-free environment

    Power Play: where students explore what power is and how to use it responsibly

    Bullying: : to create a common language for speaking about bullying and the roles people may play in a bullying situation

    Labels and Stereotypes: to define labeling and stereotypes while showing its limits

    Impact of Bullying: exploring the impacts of bullying on all involved and how to develop empathy and increase the likelihood that students will stand up to bullying

    Intervention and Prevention: to highlight the power that students have to intervene, identify actions students can take  and help students commit to taking action



  • Stamford gives back to the community

    by User Not Found | Nov 21, 2014

    Stamford students create "Angels" for the "Angels...Everywhere" event hosted on November 20th from 7-9 at Christ Church by the Canadian Federation of University Women Niagara Falls Club.

    In attendance was Mayor Jim Diodati, MPP Wayne Gates, MP Rob Nicholson and CFUW President, Mary Visentin.

    Nicely done students!

  • Free books help create classroom libraries

    by User Not Found | Nov 21, 2014

    A storage bin left unclaimed becomes a treasure trove for Stamford!

    Stamford has been given permission to sort through a storage bin - containing boxes upon boxes of new and used books - that has been left unclaimed for over a year.  The owner of the storage facility is happy to have our teachers and students help empty to storage locker - but it is a daunting task.

    The English Department has arranged two small field trips to the storage locker and have returned with enough books to create reading libraries in all classrooms.  This has been a fantastic way to kick-start our "Drop Everything and Read" program that will start next week.  Students have also been granted Community Service Hours for giving their time after school to continue sorting through the mountain of boxes.

  • Stamford's Santa Parade Float - All Aboard!

    by User Not Found | Nov 13, 2014

    What can our students in Auto Shop do with recycled steel, some plywood, a few old cars and some elbow grease?

    They can transform a tractor and some old car frames into a train for the Niagara Falls Santa Parade Saturday, November 15th!

  • Did you know Stamford has a Paint Booth in our Auto Shop?

    by User Not Found | Nov 13, 2014

    Check out this amazing Paint Booth Job completed by the students in our Auto Shop.

    Thank you for sending me the picture Mr. McIntee!

  • Honour Roll Banquet

    by User Not Found | Nov 09, 2014

    On Thursday, November 6th, teachers honoured Stamford's Honour Roll students by serving them a 3-course meal prepared by our Culinary Program under the direction of Ms. Retzman.  A special thank you goes out to Ms. Walker and Ms.Taylor for transforming our cafeteria into an atmosphere of fine dining!

    Congratulations to all our of Honour Roll students! And thank you to Ms. Romyn for taking photos for our Yearbook.  Here are a few pictures from the evening:

  • Grade 8 Day was a resounding success!

    by User Not Found | Nov 05, 2014

    Stamford welcomed our feeder schools for our Grade 8 Day, Wednesday, November 5th.

    Students had the opportunity to visit 5 different classrooms of their choice (with a taste of English and Science and a focus on helping them pick their electives by letting them experience the electives).  

    Students had fun:
    • writing Haiku poems (check them out at http://hornethaiku.blogspot.ca/) and song lyrics in English (we'll be posting a video of this song performed at a later date)
    • running an experiment in Science where they learned how chemicals can "pop the top" off small containers 
    • trying out the equipment in our state of the art Fitness Centre
    • creating a planting in Horticulture to take home
    • building a pencil holder in Woodworking
    • playing with clay in Ceramics
    • taking tires and brakes off cars & welding their names on metal in the Auto Shop
    • preparing and then eating a Baked Alaskan cookie in Foods
    • experiencing mid-1800s photography by creating a Photogram in the darkroom (look for a coming news report featuring our Photography program - where we'll describe this activity in more detail and post the grade 8 projects)
    If you didn't get to see and experience everything - be sure to visit our Open House on Tuesday, November 18th from 6:30-8:30!

    A very special thank you goes out to all of the student helpers and teachers who made our Grade 8 Day such a success.  

    Stamford is and always will be about caring and striving for excellence!!

  • Stamford's SSTC program hosts an afternoon dance

    by User Not Found | Oct 31, 2014

    Thank you to the efforts of the students and teachers in our Specialized School to Community Program.  The Gym for the Halloween Dance this afternoon looked amazing!

    Stamford gives a special welcome to the students from Thorold's SSTC program who came for the dance.  

    Have a happy and safe Halloween weekend!

  • iSting - Stamford's online newspaper is looking for you!

    by User Not Found | Oct 26, 2014
    • iSting!, Stamford's online newspaper, is always looking for original news items, opinion pieces, photos and creative work. If you have something you would like to submit or an idea for something you would like to submit, email us at: stamfordisting@hotmail.com
    • iSting! meets in room 51 every Thursday after school.  We are currently looking for students in grades 10 and 11 to report club news and create content.  Can't make the meetings?  No problem, stop by room 51 any-time and let Mr. Pierce know you are interested.

  • News from our Hospitality Specialist High Skills Major Students

    by User Not Found | Oct 26, 2014
    The SHSM Hospitality students have been busy completing the certifications required to graduate with a SHSM designation.

    In September they completed Smart Serve and had a trip to the Baking Exhibition in Toronto. In October they completed the First Aid and CPR courses.

    Inspired by the amazing cakes they saw at the Baking exhibition they will complete a Wilton decorating course in November taught by the talented Prudence Lau. Our student will also be spearheading the food for the Honour Roll Banquet in November.

    The grade 12 SHSM students have invited the  grade 8 students to a class  during November to make cookies. December we will be busy with Christmas baking.


  • Stamford Volunteers to run a Cheer Station at the Marathon

    by User Not Found | Oct 26, 2014

    A thank you goes out to the Stamford teacher and student volunteers who got up early Sunday morning to run a Cheer Station at the Niagara Falls International Marathon October 26th.  Way to go runners and all volunteers!!  

    A special thank you also goes out to the teachers who work with Student Council to organize these events.  Mrs. McBurney, Mr. Reid, Mrs. Walker, Mr. McInerney and Mrs. Menotti - your dedication to the school, the students and the community is appreciated and admired!  And Mrs. Buckborough - I see you in the striped hat! Keep rockin' that spirit!

  • Discounted fright night at Nightmares Fear Factory

    by User Not Found | Oct 23, 2014

    Hey Hornets!

    This upcoming Tuesday, October 28th, the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee of Niagara Falls is hosting a discounted fright night at NIghtmares Fear Factory on Clifton Hill.

    The price is $10 dollars including tax.  10% of the proceeds go to the Niagara Suicide Prevention Coalition to help people with mental illness.  

    If you have any quesitons, please see Zoya Rajput, Masa Song, Kailiegh Montgomery, Tayla Fongsamouth or Taylor Richards.
  • Take Your Kid to Work Day is quickly approaching

    by User Not Found | Oct 23, 2014

    Attention grade 9 students and parents.... "Take Your Kid to Work Day" is around the corner - Wednesday, November 5th.

    Students - get your participation forms to your home-room teacher ASAP!

    Take Our Kids to Work Day is a national program that allows all Grade 9 students the opportunity to explore future career options.The program has been going for more than 20 years.More than 1 000 000 students have participated in this program. It is a great opportunity for family bonding.However, if you cannot take your son or daughter to work with you consider arranging for them to go with a relative or family friend.Forms are due by October 31, 2014

  • "Halloween Basket" Raffle to Raise Money for Prom

    by User Not Found | Oct 02, 2014

    Do you love candy, hot chocolate and other fun stuff? This year's Prom Committee is holding a raffle for a Halloween Basket!  Tickets are .50cents each - 5 tickets for $2.00.

    Tickets will be for sale every day until October 31st outside the cafeteria.

  • Are you "bored?" - Come join the "Board Gamers" in room 58 at lunch!

    by User Not Found | Oct 02, 2014

    On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - Mr. Anderson opens his room to students who are interested in playing board games.  

    Come Roll the Dice and Conquer the World!

  • Attention Class of 2015! Grad Hoodies can be ordered

    by User Not Found | Oct 02, 2014

    Attention 2015 Graduates!

    Interested in a personalized Grad Hoodie?  Please place your orders with Mrs. Walker in the co-op office.  On-line orders can be placed any time during the school year.

  • "Guys & Gals with Goals" had their first meeting

    by User Not Found | Oct 02, 2014

    Yesterday, Ms. Dugo, Guidance Counsellor and Ms. Gaines, Student Success Teacher, met with students to start planning for post-secondary education.

    If you:
    • are worried about getting into a college or university
    • are the first member of your family to apply for college or university
    • want to know how we can help you meet your goals
    ...go see Ms. Dugo or Ms. Gaines and ask to join their group - "Guys & Gals with Goals!"

  • Parents are invited to anonymously sign up to receive text messages from the main office

    by User Not Found | Sep 24, 2014

    Would you like to hear important messages from the main office via a text? If yes, read on...

    Parents are invited to subscribe to this safe and free program offered to educators by texting the message —  @Stamford — to (289) 205-1037. Your number stays anonymous!

    You will receive the following message:

    Remind Updates: Please complete the sign up here: http://rmd.me/xpiM. Or reply with your full name.

    Follow the link OR text your name and you will receive a message that you are added to Stamford Office's class. 

    If you are prompted to download the Remind App—be aware that you don’t need the app in order for the texting program to work.

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